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    Any 2012 sea doo speedster 200s for sale?

    Just casting a line out there to see if anyone is thinking of selling this coming spring. 510hp, preferably 2012. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Igetwet View Post
    Just casting a line out there to see if anyone is thinking of selling this coming spring. 510hp, preferably 2012. Thanks
    I used to have one of those boats.....unless you are just dead set on having one...I personally would get something
    else.....maybe a Yamaha.

    The carbon ring driveshaft seals were a giant maintenance issue causing leaks....almost $800
    along with rebuilding the
    superchargers $900 if you remove and install them yourself....which I did...
    The value of them is poor.
    I bought an 18ft center console boat with a 200hp Yamaha 4 stroke outboard and have not looked back.....

    This is good advice!

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    Thanks for the input Hurricane. I’ve heard a lot about the porpoising these boats are susceptible to. One of my first projects would be trying to fix that. How often do the carbon seals need to be replaced? Does every SeaDoo boat and Jetski have this
    problem? The newer superchargers with the metal washers need to be rebuilt often?

    The Yamahas are nice but too big and expensive for a second boat, which this would be. I don’t think I’d want something much bigger than a speedster 200. This would be our third jet boat. First twin engine though. Had a 2000 speedster with the mercury jet and that boat was a blast. Basically looking for a big Jetski for the whole family that we can ski and tube behind and still have enough room to hang out on. We have another boat for the big lakes, this boat would probably stay on a lift on a local lake.

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    I know of someone who just dropped 8k on his. Blown engine, loose engine mounts in the hull. Lots of problems with them ss200's. Many for sale as well..

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    All bad advice. First off a center console is not in the same relm and our board c'mon man. Blow engines and whatever. no duh shit happens.

    You are on the right path to wanting a 12 and a 510 that's the best and final year of that model. Second carbon seals go bad from poor engine alignment but mainly from poor maintenance you have way too many ppl running them out of the water which kills the seals. Third supercharger, smuercharger...on a boat is 200 hours till you change them most of these boats don't have half that. Steel washer are common place the ceramic were long gone by 12. Fourth these engines were made to go 1000 hours before needing to be rebuilt so most are at a 1/10th of their life after 6-12 years. And anything with age needs a degree of maintenance anyway. Don't be fooled by fools

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