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    Kawasaki Ultra LX- Water in cylinders

    Hi Guys,

    i decided to post here after working out why my ultra lx has the cylinder filling with water which will hopefully help somoene else. I recently purchased this ski and it would run fine all day however if you stopped in the water wait approx 2 minutes number 1 and occasionally number 2 cylinder would be filled with water causing the engine to lock, other times it may not lock and start up run a bit rough then clear up.

    I pulled the plugs in shallow water and as the jet ski went up and down because of boat wakes I noticed number 1 and 2 cylinders flooding with water after each wake passed. I hit the start until exhaust valves were closed no more water coming in.

    I have found 2 small holes in the exhaust manifolds which mostly floods cylinder 1 and if it sits long enough cylinder 2. does not effect 3 and 4 because they sit higher on the manifold stack, if I was to let it sit in water for a few hours it probably would get enough water in there to fill the entire exhaust and effect 3 & 4...

    symptoms I noticed before pulling the manifold to check.

    Jet ski runs fine on hose, no water in cylinders.

    if the front of the ski is pulled out of the water so as to have it angled upwards, no water gets into cylinders.

    if the ski is stopped with the exhaust valves closed, left in deep water, ski will start but run rough for a few seconds then clear up.

    If left for a long time in the water, requires a lot of cranking with plugs out to remove water as it continues to dump water each time exhaust valve opens until all water is purged from manifold.

    I am also not convinced about the rear muffler as I feel this is allowing small amounts of water back into the manifolds and causing the corrosion from the inside.. Its a poor design, I will run on a hose for extended times when used in salt combined with salt away to try and help reduce corrosion on new manifolds.

    Hopefully this will help anyone in diagnosis, having water in cylinder 1 and no others is not always a head gasket. If the problem seems intermittent that maybe luck, when you stop the ski in the water those exhaust valves may be closed or the water may be calm enough not to allow the head to drop below the waterline.
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    Did you manage to resolve this issue by fixing the holes in the exhaust?

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