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    Minimum dimension for 3 or 4 place trailer

    I am looking for a solution for moving around a few skis next year. I have 2 older two seaters and 2 stand up skis.

    I only have 1 single place trailer. We keep them at a lake so they dont have to move too far expect for a couple times a year.

    I was going to find another single place and build a beach dolly for the standups. I have a couple wooden ramps to hold the sit down skis out of the water.

    I recently found a cheap boat trailer I was thinking of converting to hold multiple skis. I though I could mount two in the back and one across the front or go bigger and put 4 forward.

    Anyone know how much room a two place needs between the wheels of fenders? Also, how long is a standard 2 place trailer?

    The boat trailer i was interested in is for a 16 foot boat. Would a need something bigger? Dual axle?

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    Do you happen to have a pickup truck? If so, you could put the stand-ups in there.

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