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    Ultra 250x Not Starting After Rebuild CAA1

    Hey Guys.
    After doing the rebuild, the ultra 250x 2007 is starting only if I hold the throttle, then it stops (without even letting off the throttle.)

    I pulled the plugs and injectors were going off. Yet after trying 30 mins, pulled the plugs again, and the injectors are not going off anymore.

    The Camshaft sensor is producing around .1 volts (should be .4)
    I changed the camshaft sensor and it's the exact same thing! Volts aren't getting anywhere higher. But now the ski won't even sputter.

    I am sometimes Getting the Caa1 code and sometimes not. When I am getting the Caa1 code is when I just put the key in.

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    revised: Just I found that the crankshaft rotor 21007-3744 has a tooth missing. Ordering a new one to see if that solves it.

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