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    Noob Prop Question - I searched please help!

    I searched but such a wealth of contradictory info has my head spinning be kind lol. As an auto OEM engineer I’m leary of “tunes” but got the bug on my 2012 RXT 260. Stock as of now but putting on a 4” intake and also FA removal and then plan to use a 8350 tune. What prop would you recommend if reliabllity was a primary concern? I want to stay off the limiter but also not lose any low end acceleration. Top end speed if not the end all, but would like to hit 72mph if could you while meting the above priorities. What’s the best prop to accomplish this on a heavy RXT? Am I asking for too much?

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    If thats all the performance stuff you plan on doing I’d say a solas 15/20 should be close to where you want to be rpm wise. Assuming you dont ride in a cooler climate.

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    I’m in Texas and summer temps hit 100+ so that’s why I want to be in the conservative side. Thank you for the input.

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    Two things I should probably caution you on. First you should replace flywheel bolts. Mine sheared off turning 8300 rpm. Some people dont have an issue but its a gamble. Other thing is you should consider upgrading your intercooler if not to an aftermarket one then at least one of the 2014+ with a pressure relief built in. The one that comes in your ski has a tendancy to leak. Just to give you a heads up.

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    On Riva's website, their Stage 1 kit will do 72mph with all the mods listed that you plan on doing anyways, except with the intake you'll have to run a catch can or something equivalent. They're using the SCOM instead of a flash, which should save you some coin if 72mph is your goal. On their stage 1 kit they are using a Solas 15-20R impeller. I do agree with the above post about upgrading your intercooler. You'll gain a decent amount of RPM's using a aftermarket cooler as well as keeping IAT's low. Most everyone here will recommend Fizzle intercoolers but I have a Riva Gen 3 on my GTR 230 and like it so far.

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    Welcome aboard GH!

    You'll find most info here is vetted by seasoned pwc tuners.

    All the advice here is excellent.

    Let me warn you that it's easy to jack the encoder ring placement when you swap out the flywheel bolts

    that requires a bit of work to correct. ( pull the engine (again)) double check it before boltage and then check it again.

    Prop selection factors include altitude and temperature and fuel quality and loaded weight.

    Going for a speed run?, or looking to intimidate with a wicked hole shot.

    Pulling a tube full of precious cargo?

    don't expect to get it right the first time

    then members will clue you into to specific things for your ski, like that pesky intercooler.....

    2012 model year was transitioning in new features. lots of specific things you should know about.

    Lots of reading ahead this winter.

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    A Solas SRZ 15/19 is what I would go with. We're 10 years into developing maps for the Bosch SeaDoo ECU. You can't really go wrong with a simple stage 1 tune. You can get to 74/75 pretty easily and reliably.

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    Yes, change out flywheel bolts and the intercooler for your 2012 if you planning to rev it over stock 8040 rpm.
    These are the very well known failures of those years.

    For sure people come up with how many hours they ran with stock bolts. It’s up to you if you want to take the risk. People have reported them breaking even with mild tunes like 8350.

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    There is a real easy way not to ever mess up the encoder ring position when changing flywheel bolts. Change one at a time, no need to remove all the bolts or even remove the flywheel. Just remove and replace one at a time, then torque to final spec once you have replaced them all.

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