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    Noob Prop Question - I searched pleas help!

    I searched but such a wealth of contradictory info has my head spinning be kind lol. As an auto OEM engineer I’m leary of “tunes” but got the bug on my 2012 RXT 260. Stock as of now but putting on a 4” intake and also FA removal and then plan to use a 8350 tune. What prop would you recommend if reliabllity was a primary concern? I want to stay off the limiter but also not lose any low end acceleration. Top end speed if not the end all, but would like to hit 72mph if could you while meting the above priorities. What’s the best prop to accomplish this on a heavy RXT? Am I asking for too much?

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    way to many variables. no way any one can just tell you what prop to run. do the upgrades. go test out at your riding location. find a clam flat day if you can. test in the weather you will ride most. doing it in the winter will change your results in the summer. heat, weather and water temps along with elevation all play a huge roll.

    my suggestion is do all the upgrades, then go test it. tell us what top speed you got and what is your top RPM. then we can go from there.

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