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    Ball bearing PTO dude and rxp300 dude

    Hi everyone

    I'm rebuilding a 2002 4tec GTX and I have a question because is my first time.

    Is about Ball Bearing of PTO when I remove it I found 2 o-rings and really I don't know how it fit. I guess is only put o-rings in the axle and introduce the axle. But I bought a new one from WSM (003-408-01) and It come with O-rings on interior of bearing (attach photo) so... I guess is a new system and I don't need put O-rings first in the axle or I need put O-ring anyway?

    This Photo show BRP parts and You can see O-rings

    This one is like I bought where you can sea O-rings inside (Old one don't have a position for o-rings inside)

    And last question is about 2016 RXP 300 with 40 hours
    I bought it used (20hours) and when I accelerate from 0 to full throttle it run hard but I feel like "vibration" and don't accelerate as hard as 300 of my friend (don't have that "vibration") That vibration I feel only when accelerate hard when I'm cruising I don't feel it and my 300 go full rpm without problem (only I feel a little bit less top speed (68 mph instead 72-73mph because is international version RS).. what do you thing can be? I think probably wear ring and the vibration is cavitation but I really would like if you can a opinion and if could be a impeller with a little bit deformation or neoprene seal

    Thank you in advance guys!
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