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    Wave raider limp home temperature

    Hi all,
    have used this site alot but have now just joined, first time posting....

    Question: On a '95 waveraider 1100 (stock), at what temperature does the heat sensor/sender put the ski into limp home mode?

    full story: I live in New Zealand and there is a large population of us that fit jetski engine/pumps to 3m mini jetboats.. i have a 95' wave raider 1100 fitted in mine that i have literally just rebuilt from the bottom up. When i went to run it in my dash has decided to fail (the lcd's went black) in the corner of the screen so i cant see the temp icon to see if its overheatng. Parts are extremely hard to find in this part of the world, im not that keen on importing a second hand dash. so I am trying to find the specs for the temperature sender/sensor so that i can either wire in an aftermarket temp gauge or switch.

    any help would be much appreiciated
    thanks in advance,

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    Nobodies dealt with temp's in a wave raider?? Any help would be grand, even normal operating temps etc

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    In the neighborhood of 175 I think.

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