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    2012 RXT X Gelcoat Repair & Restoration

    Happy New Year All!

    I'm looking to have some top side chips repaired as well as a complete respray of the topside of my 2012 RXT X.
    The ski is in Northern, NJ .....I'm hoping to travel no more than 200 miles for the right job.

    I would appreciate recommendations from the forum on who/where I should bring the ski to have the gelcoat/spray work done?

    - John

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    Why are you respraying all the top side? I fixed some chips in my gel coat now unless I show you,you won’t find them.

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    Ryan’s auto body in ocean NJ. Ask for Howard,
    Or rab1 here on the forum. He’ll get you sorted 100%!!!

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    The beauty about gelcoat is that it can be destroyed by the sun for 20 years and with some wet sanding and polishing you can restore it to just like new.

    Get some color matched gelcoat to touch up the chips, then wet sand and polish the entire surface.

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    Have pictures of the top deck and they damage?

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    Thanks for the replies!

    The gelcoat has numerous stress cracks and blisters, not sure if a wet sand will suffice. I'm going to bring it to a pro for their opinion on how to proceed.

    Scott - Thats for the referrals..I'll contact them.

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    I don't have photos and the ski is a few hours from my location

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    Forty76 Marine, friend owns the company and I work with him. We do gel coat repairs and glass work all the time. We’re located in north NJ and can help you out. Re-spraying a complete top in gel is going to be HOURS ON HOURS of hard labor, gel coat is nothing like paint and is ment to be sprayed in a mold and compressed. We would be able to fix the chips and blend without re-spraying the entire thing

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    Thanks Wakeboardcraze...I may be contacting Forty76Marine.

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