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    Quote Originally Posted by Delta king 5150 View Post
    What kind of water lines and oil lines are you using? Factory replacement? Ive got OEM hoses on a ski from 2004. Most are feeling and looking shabby. Dont wanna have a blowout on the water. Hoping theres a roll of some type on amazon or someplace thats tough, bad ass, and cheaper than +/- $10 a foot.
    I like the venair silicone hoses, you need to use good clamps with them and not the cheap worm gear hose clamps. If you use the open hose clamps, it will cut into the silicone when you tighten it. Oil lines as in the breather and crankcase lines, order oem replacements.


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    you can use metric lines from like they have the 12mm heater lines to order 6m for the cost of one of the kawa straight lines. I am in the process of replacing mine. I had a slow leak which I traced to the water line to the head and several others were going. the only replacement line from kawa that I bought was the pump to stator cover which has a 90 bend. Like smokey said upgrade your clamps to the ones made to clamp the lines not tear the end up.... my old clamps may have contributed to the lifespan shortening. I have these on order

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