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    To install a cam you just need to remove the rocker arms and cam gear up in the head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinSoCal View Post
    What is a "cam?" You can't mean camshaft because that is on the inside of the engine and I know you did not tear this ski apart. Also, what size injectors do I have in my stock 2018PX300? And, Kanaflex does not void warranty, right? Or did you drill out the back of the ski?
    Anyway, back to the cam - you did something like this? How is this possible without tearing apart the entire motor?
    yes Kevin I installed a diiferent camshaft, I did not need to take out engine to install. I don't know what size injectors stock 300s come with. Kanaflex will only void your warranty if your dealership doesn't like you, like mainly service dept.

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