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    2007 Honda aquatrax fx12 turbo- no spark

    Aloha Honda community.

    I am a new Honda jet ski rider. Purchased a 2007 Honda aquatrax about 3 months ago. The ski had 80hrs and looked in beautiful condition.

    Unfortunately after the 3rd ride out my ski started bogging out in the water and I knew something was wrong.

    As it turned out I was getting a small water leak into my engine oil. I ran the ski out of the water with a hose and I could see some hairline water leaks coming out of the block near the oil filter/tank side of the engine block. I decided to jb weld the leaks and that took care of the external water leaking out. However I was concerned I probably had an internal leak as well.

    At this point I was pretty bummed out that I just started jet skiing and my engine was compromised. My option at this point was basically to replace the engine block $3k for the block and shipping to Kauai.

    I found an engine block sealer called Blue Devil and thought before I purchased a new engine block maybe I can seal up the leak.

    So after taking my engine out of the ski and cleaning it up (opening the oil tank to see if the oil cooler o-ring was compromised) I then put it all back together to run the engine block sealer.

    After re-assembling the engine I got the ski started right up. It felt pretty good to have done it all myself. Not a regular mechanic and with zero experience with jet skis.

    Then I ran the blue devil through the system in idle with the blue devil circulating through the cooling system.

    After 50min of the engine running at idle with the sealing solution circulating through the cooling system I shut it down.

    I then changed the oil and replaced with clean oil.

    Then the next day when I tried to start it... I put the lanyard in, and everything sounded normal. I could hear the fuel pump priming and the engine cranked but no start.

    I ended up replacing all of the fuses in the fuse box, and replaced the main relay. Again I could here the fuel pump prime and the engine cranked. But no fire.

    Checked the spark plugs. No spark on any of the injection coils.

    At this point I don’t know what’s wrong. Thinking the blue devil might have affected the ignition pulse generator or something else that has to do with creating the ignition for the spark?

    Today I decided to pull the engine back out and see if it is the ignition pulse generator.

    Any feedback on suggestions would be helpful.
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    If the tach was showing an RPM then the ignition pulse would be OK. Did it show an RPM when cranking it over? The crank and cam sensor are both magnetic type so not much to go wrong there, you most likely have a bad connection somewhere. Trace it out with a shop manual.

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    Thanks for the feedback Nitroshark.

    After I ran the blue devil through my system for 50 minutes (circulating through the cooling system) I shut down the ski. Then I took out the oil and replaced with new oil. When I tried to restart the ski, I hooked up the lanyard, heard the fuel pump engage, and the engine cranked. But no spark.

    So I took my engine back out of the ski yesterday and disconnected the ignition pulse generator connector. It seemed like it was pretty coated with oil inside. Maybe from when I put the oil in? Maybe it’s possible the excess oil in the plug could have not allowed the electric current to get to the coils?

    Again I am new to Honda jet skis and unfortunately there are no Honda jet ski specialists on Kauai so I am relying heavily on forums for advice. I put a new main relay in and changed the fuses in the box and still wasn’t getting a spark so I figured I needed to pull the engine back out to figure it out.

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    I also wanted to mention that after running the ski out of the water with the blue devil running through the system for 50 min. When I shut the ski off and let it cool down, I then attempted to take off the oil cap to take the oil out and the oil cap was very tight and difficult to remove. I had to use a pair of pliers to turn it loose. Not sure why the oil cap would get so tight?

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    This was the setup I used to run the blue devil block sealer through my cooling system. The product recommended 50 minutes at idle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kauaiguy View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is the ignition pulse generator plug. Hopefully by spraying it with electrical cleaner it will send the ignition signal to the coils!

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    2007 Honda aquatrax fx12 turbo- no spark

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    2007 Honda aquatrax fx12 turbo- no spark

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