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    Vicious Rumors & Vile Gossip: What Does The Future Hold For Kawasaki JetSkis?

    The text message came in at dinnertime, just about a month ago. I normally try to keep my phone off – or at least out of reach – when at the dinner table, but it so happened to be sitting right next to me this night. “Did you hear?” the message began. “There’s a memo going around Kawasaki saying 2022 will be the last year.” I choked down my food and snatched up the phone. What? I typed. Are you serious? After a long pause and an icy glare from my wife, the reply came: “Yeah, it’ll be on Kawasaki’s 50th anniversary. They’re going to make a big deal of it at [World Finals] and then…that’s it. They’re out. No more JetSkis.”

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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