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    2009 Yamaha FX SHO (Looking for Info on rivets)

    I just bought my third Yamaha ski I now have
    2 2006 fx ho (one stock with 38 hours one with Riva performance kit 300 hours)
    1 2009 fx cruiser sho

    My question is while messing with the rear fenders I noticed they were loose and the rivets seem to have broken off - Where is the quickest place I can get these and does anyone have the correct measurements of the rivets where Lowe’s would do.


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    Faced with the same issue on my 2005 FX HO, I opted to remove all those rivets and replace with small stainless steel hardware :

    I drilled-out the remaining rivets.
    Sourced 25mm long stainless bolts, having tapered Philips heads from the local hardware store. (when installed, the heads will counter-sink into the bumper - thus not protruding or snag).
    Bolt threads were slightly larger than the existing holes, so I enlarged all the holes slightly with a bigger drill bit.
    Nuts stainless, and were the ny-lock type. This was an important aspect, because this permitted the nuts to be tightened, yet not overly tight. Essentially, this hardware setup functions as an "adjustable rivet".

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    Yeah I actually already bought the stainless hardware just haven’t installed it yet was really hoping to throw some rivets in and be done

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