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    V-Force 3 Reed System Kawasaki 800 SX-R

    What is the difference between the Changable Inserts in this Reed System ?

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    I’m not familiar with the V force system but I’m assuming they are the reed stuffers.

    If unfamiliar

    Usually they are used to smooth the airflow transition through the cage, if you have options for your application I’d talk to V Force directly.

    On a side note I have heard of sealing issues with the Vforce on installation so just take a look and make sure it’s not going to be an issue. Seems people may have had to rejet when it was actually air leaks.

    I use Group K for all my skis and trust them, here is a write up on the issue.
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    ok good Info THX but the V force 3 Sytsem comes with 2 different designs..... so i just email them .. i hope i will receive an answer

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