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    2007 Yamaha vx cruiser problem

    I have a 2007 vx cruiser this summer before I put it away for the winter you would ride it all day and it would run fine and then all of a sudden running 45 -50 mph having it pegged out it would start Revving high and have a really bad vibration and wouldn’t want to run over 5-10 mph I would turn it off and let it sit for a second and it still would do the same thing but as soon as I got it back to the river cabin and let it sit for 30 minutes to a hour or longer you would get back on it and it would run perfect. I’ve never had this problem before wished I had a video so It could be explained better.

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    Is it possible a small piece of debris become caught on the impeller?

    Your description sounds like jet pump cavitation, often caused by something getting caught inside the jet pump and spinning around with the impeller. OR a large clump of grass or weeds clogging the jet pump inlet at the intake grate.

    The typical symptom is that at low speeds and minimal engine power it seems normal. But any attempt with more power causes reduced pump thrust, unusually high engine RPM, and very little speed increase, perhaps none at all.

    Inspection might reveal something stuck inside the jet pump.

    Sometimes just floating for a while (rocking the hull rapidly side to side can help) or traveling at slow speed allows the inlet clog or debris to clear itself, and the problem goes away.

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    Yes exactly what you said about at low speeds everything seems normal but when you get on it it has high rpm and very little speed Increase it’s exactly the problem.thank you for figuring out the problem I was just wanting to make sure there wasn’t something coming apart In there. that’s what I kinda thought something might have got sucked up In there and when it sat for a while it was fine. Thank you for the answer I appreciate it big time.

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    I had a very small piece of wood on the very top of the bigger than your fingernail....
    I used a long extension and removed it through the intake grate....
    Sometimes if you catch can get the ski up to speed very slowly and hit the stop button and the water rushing through the intake/pump will dislodge the blockage....done this many great....but not always.

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