First thanks for the opportunity to post on your site,!

I have '97 Sea-Doo Challenger single eng. has hesitation/sluggish at accereration, the motor/carbs were rebuilt by dealer 1 year (12 hours ago it got a new short block). It runs good once warm (a liitle hard to start at first) My local Dealer no longer services.

If I 'pump' the throttle I slowly get it up to rpm's and then runs fine; but after stop and restart it usually requires the throttle 'pumping' again.
Once it gets going it revs out ~ 6K-7K rpm and rides great. I have the shop manual ut not sure if there are basic adjustments that can be made without special tools, (i sure don't want to have to rebuild again), any one suggest some tuning ideas that can help me, (carb adjusts, rave valve or adjusts?