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    2011 RXT 260 is full cut out please help!!!

    Hey guys,

    Today I had my 2011 RXT 260 is out for a much anticipated ride,
    Now after about 10minutes it fully cuts out, all power everything, the gauges even freeze to where they were at the speed i was going. The key dosent allow any electrics or dash lights to come on, absolutley dead! Once it had cut out, I then have to wait about 5min to be able to start it. As it does some kind reset. it will continue to do this the whole time. This is the most annoying thing ever, is it some kind of limp mode? Its gotta be electric or ecu . hope someone has seen this before and can help me 😀

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    2011 RXT 260 is full cut out please help!!!

    Look for a loose ground terminal ,loose battery terminals , loose connectors to the cluster wire harness , possibly bad relay in the fuse box .

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