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    1998 Pro 785 Restoration

    I bought a 1998 Pro 785 as a project. Outside, the ski looks great, inside, things are not so good. It was purchased in Florida and then shipped up to Wisconsin. As you can see it's a nice looking ski on the outside. Buying this, I knew I was getting into a project, but this Pro 785 is definitely a case of "don't judge a book by its cover." I was told that things were alright with this engine and it was running, but the crankshaft was wrong, because it had the wrong rods and the front of the crankshaft wasn't lined up properly.

    I was told the cylinders and head were milled by group K. The tops of the cylinder look more like they were milled with a grinder in someone's garage. It's quite horrifying.

    You can see how bad it is, with the combustion chamber leaking into the water jacket. I'm still at the "assessing the damage" phase, but it looks like the plan now is it clean up these tops, install proper time-serts into the threads that are messed up, and find a thicker gasket, probably something custom from cometic.

    The guy who had this before really gave CrankWorks a hard time, he thought the end of the crank was wrong, so he manually adjusted the timing plate by adding his own holes and grinding away a large part of the flywheel case as well as some of the engine case. He moved the pick up so far to the side he had to remove one of the bolt holes for the front cover.

    Here you can see the mess I've been dealing with. The guy also managed to remove all the timing marks from the timing plate when adding his new holes. So fixing this has been a shot in the dark. I wasn't sure if the end of the crank really was messed up or if the guy is just making stuff up.

    We got it close by setting the crank to TDC, then measuring 12 degrees off of center of the flywheel and setting it there. It should be enough to get it able to run, albeit a little retarded, and adjusted properly when the engine is running.

    I finished up today by figuring out how the water lines were ran for the pipes. I was told it was done the "watcon" way, but looking at the Watcon way in the posts on greenhulk, this is not quite the watcon way.

    It appears they blocked off the first water outlet, than ran a single line to each manifold, then ran the start and end of the pipes on their own lines, splitting them off on the ends. I'll have to measure the tubing used and see if it fits the watcon diameters or not.

    But that's where I'm at for now. I have work to do on my Jeep and snowmobile tomorrow, but once I'm back to work I'll be working on this thing on the weekends and posting updates as time goes by as long as people care.

    I also really want to thank xlint89 for those parts. I'm using a lot of parts I didn't think I'd ever need, and without his help this boat would be going into storage and ending up a parts boat. But I have a very good chance of saving this pro from being chopped up and parted out.
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    I'D RATHER SWEAT THAN SHIVER hyoctane23's Avatar
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    Wow, poor thing!!! I'm sure others will agree but you need to completely tear that thing apart and go over EVERY...SINGLE...THING. You can't trust anything was done correctly with that sort of "redneck engineering" going on with the stator. Trust me, it will be less costly in the long run if you check over everything.

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    Fully agree with hyoctane23. Tear the whole thing down to see what you are really in for. It's expensive to do it once, but really expensive to do it twice. Learned that the hard way.

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    Definitely going through everything I can. The ride plate mounts have been completely cobbled together somehow, and there's a leak. The next step for the weekend after this one is to get some epoxy and some 3M 3500 and do it all properly.

    I'll get more pictures next time, my phone died last time. I usually take good care of my stuff and I've had the same phone for almost 5 years now lol. I'll do some before and after of this mess for the next stage.

    The guy I bought it from completely mis-diagnosed what was wrong with it, I can't trust a single thing other than his ability to put stickers on stuff.

    Worst part is is that he's been blaming Crankworks for this thing not running right the entire time, and the crank is one of the only things that looks good inside the engine.

    EDIT: I have not forgotten about this project. I thought this winter was going to be garbage and I'd spend time working on it. Instead we have lots of snow and I've been snowboarding and snowmobiling like crazy. Not enough time for it at the moment between snow and work. Once the snow is gone it's time to get it done.
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    I forgot about this thread. It is up and running, and it sounds very good. I haven't had it on the water yet but I ran it on the hose with my dad today and she sounds good. We managed to get the timing too. Today was a huge success!

    I should have updated this thread a little better, but here's some of the highlights from the build.

    The genius before me broke the barb off that the plastic cooling pipe that goes into the hull. So (my dad mostly to be honest) made this one out of aluminum. It fits very well, it's a little longer than the stock one. I think the stock one is not designed for a pump wedge and it has some play. This one fits very snugly with the pump wedge.

    I can't attach any more files. I'll post some more later, it's getting late. But this was quite the ordeal, with sleeves, boring, etc. All done with my dad. It was a great father son time and it turned out awesome.

    Thank you xlint again for the parts, there is no way I would have gotten this done if it weren't for you. You helped save a pro that was going to end up parted out and destroyed.
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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    Thank you for taking the parts and saving another pro from destruction.

    Kudos on getting her running. Let us know how she does when you do manage to water test it.

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