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    How do you remove R12x pump filter cap / check one way valve?

    Just removed my pump with a suspected blockage in the filter. How do you remove the cap with the star shape indent? Is it a pry off or threaded?

    2. Just in case it could be the one way valve. How do you know / test that it is working correctly?


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    Use a hose to check the one way valve. water should only flow in one direction. They clog with sand normally. For the stator filter use the advice of the manual below.

    Check the cooling water filter for clogs.
    Remove foreign material out of the water filter with
    a piece of wire from inside of the water jet stator.
    Apply compressed air through the cooling water
    passage to clean the filter.
    Do not remove the water cap to clean the filter. If
    the cap is removed, it will be damaged.
    If foreign material cannot be removed, replace the
    water jet stator.

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    Cheers mate. I'll leave the filter cap alone then.

    As for the one way valve. If I blast water up the thrust plate water input hole (pump is off), it shouldnt flow back out? Which it does.

    Or when I connect the flush hose, it shouldnt come out the water uptake hole? I'm sure it has always done this as I thought it back flushed the filter. Maybe it has been stuck for a while.

    Now to remove it... When they did my fuel tank recall they put the engine side hose clamp on the wrong side. It could be screw face up against the hull. But it is screw face towards the engine under the pump shaft. Any tips on how to get to it without removing the engine? Half tempted to go back to company that did the recall and get them to put the clamp back on using the right way, but would require using their brain... Engine might need to come back out.

    Maybe cut the clamp off, and replace?

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    All sorted. The oval shaped seal at back of the pump was put back upside down and bits of silicon blocking it further.

    Cant trust anyone!

    A bit of tactile work and I.removed and cleaned the one way valve. Had silicone bits in it. It now restricts the flush water from shooting out the pump inlet..So all.working correctly.

    Thanks for the help

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