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    GP1800 Riva plate with Jims mod question

    I have an 18 GP with a Riva plate and grate and stg 2 mods less retainers. I'm considering upgrading the retainers, and or a Jims mod to the Riva plate. My question is what are realistic gains with the plate mod, but more importantly to me is are there any handling compromises that come with it. It seems like if the plate mod allows for a bit more speed that the ski would be riding lighter on the water and therefore might be a bit more dancey (word, lol) and less secure feeling. Thanks for any feed back and hope y'all had a Merry Christmas.

    Jim's modification to your RIVA GP1800 ride plate

    This is a conversion service performed to your ride plate. Turn around time is approximately 5 days. Once your order is placed please ship your ride...
    $260.00 $234.00
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    Iím using Jimís speed plate n yes I gained few mph... I do most riding in ocean...
    Donít feel much dancing out there lol
    Worth the coin...
    Maybe there is a difference on the gp 1800 coz itís lighter but Iím running fx

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