I’ve had a rash of old stock igniters on my SXI Pros go bad.

Found an NOS MSD Enhancer to replace one with, but now I’m in need of another.

I really don’t see the need to put a $700 Advent in a 90’s SXI Pro but most stock ones online seem “unavailable” or “out of stock”.

Jet Ski Solutions recommended stock and said that the Chinese/eBay/SBT junk ignitions are all a toss up and will most likely leave me high and dry on a Saturday afternoon sooner than later.

So multiple questions:

1. Are the MSD 4251 enhancer igniters no longer available?

2. Is the stock Kawi 2119-3738 igniter still available?

3. Has anyone had any experience with any stock aftermarket igniters that they can recommend? Such as Arieltek’s from Jet Ski Plus?


4. The next most affordable upgrade seems to be the “Venom” with supposedly a recurve and advance with a 9k rev limit. This is half the price of a MSD or Stock and double the price of the Chinese junk......but is the quality any better? Anyone have any first hand experience with the Venom?


5. Any other options? I hear talk of other ignitions (cdi-10r? HSU?) but they must be a thing of the past as I cannot source them.

Any help or input would be appreciated!