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    Kawasaki stx 15f pump upgrade to 155mm from 148

    My brother inlaw has a 2010 stx 15f kawai. With a factory 148 mm pump. He also has newer models like a ultra lx 2012 with the 155 mm pump. All same 1500cc na engines. I measured the bolt pattern to the shoe and they are the same as well with the mounting holes to the ride plate also good. Is there an upgrade to bring the 2010 to a 155 mm pump set up? Is the shoe the same or can it be trued to match like I did on my 11 fx 160mm upgrage from the 155mm?

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    You have to bore the shoe out, its quite a bit smaller. The seal on the outside of the pump is also bigger. The other issue is that the ultra 155 pump is quite a bit longer which means you lose reverse.


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    Ok thank you. I he did have the 2 different pumps on the bench. I did notice the pump shoe size but did not notice the total length. Ill have him look into that again.

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