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    Post Seadoo XP 1993 not getting fuel/gas

    Hey all,

    hoping you can share some wisdom with me.

    As discussed in a previous post, I bought a Seadoo do 93 as a project to fix up with my dad.

    So far weíve replaced the battery, starter motor, spark plugs and a few other bits. The engine cranks when the starter is running.

    However whilst cranking no fuel is being drawn, looking for ideas as to how to debug this problem.

    ive checked the pulse line and I can definetly feel a force coming from the crankshaft. Itís not particularly strong though as for the most part the engine is not sealed correctly as were still doing work.

    is full/high compression required for the pulse to operate the fuel pump ?

    also tried switching the fuel selector to reserve and still no gas.

    looking for guidance on how to go about finding the problem and methods for testing various parts.

    Im not sure how to test the fuel pump diaphragm, Iíve taken it off to have a look and it looks okay ?

    are there any other things I should be checking, Iím pretty sure this ski hasnít run in a few years


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    Hi Ross. The fuel valve will draw in air sometimes when they get old. You can do a pressure test to 5psi and it should hold and it should not leak between channels. These are available new for less then 20 bucks shipped.

    Also look the fuel filter/water separator over. You can unscrew it and clean the plastic filter and bowl. Make sure the O-ring in the top of the bowl is in it's groove. Be careful not to cross thread it when screwing it back on.

    Before it's a reliable ski the carbs will need to be gone through. You need some OEM carb kits and new needle and seats ultimately. Get a compression tester and do a compression test first though. Perfect would be 150psi in each hole.

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    dump a teaspoon of gas oil mix down each plughole. fresh plugs
    spin it up. you might have to repeat a few times. NO starter fluid

    if the engine spins up and won't stay running, then you can start looking into the fuel system.

    old plastic and sharp edges wait to greet you.

    doe a close visual on the fuel line connections. if the lines are gray and you see green material around the joints, the entire fuel system has to be redone.

    google "tempo/ethanol

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