I have a 2005 rxt that looses power after 30-60 minutes of use, depending on how hard I push it.

It also looses power if I tow a tube after about 10 minutes.

When it looses power it will only idle before it Boggs down and dies. If I try and give it some throttle then it will stop. It idles without issue and gets me home slowly.

The ski runs very well before the issue comes up getting over 8;000 rpm and very fast.

The engine has no faults codes coming up.

If if I take it out the next day it will do the same thing. Run great and then loose all power as described above.

I have have had the following checked or replaced in search of the solution.

Super charger clutch torque
replaced throttle body
new spark plugs and coils
new fuel sender and fuel pump
new exhaust
cleaned fuel system
checked every connection
new exhaust sensor
Fuel tank breaths correctly

ECU and MPEM connections seem good.

Key makes a good connection.

Any my help or advise would be great.