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    2 degree wedge question


    I see many good comments about the 2degree wedge and understand that it trims the pump up to lift the the ski out of the water.

    Can this same effect be obtained by modifying the steering nozzle lower bushing? Mine is damaged to the point where it points downward. I was thinking of fixing this and adding in extra angle to get the same 2 degree effect.

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    Changing the angle of the nozzle is not the same as changing the angle of the venturi which is what the wedge does. Changing the angle of the nozzle would be the equivalent of trimming with the VTS but it would be in a permanent position. RR

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    ^^^ Yup - what he said.
    The steering nozzle deflects the jet, and any time that's done you are stealing away thrust.
    Again, that mod would be a "trim-up", which could afford some gains, yet nothing compared to the wedge-up.

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