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    Polaris SLX 1200 01 - Starting problems and MFD LoPR

    Hi Guys,

    I'm a newbie here. I have searched the forums but could not find the issues I am currently having.

    I recently bought my Polaris SLX 1200 2001 model. It currently has 26 hours on it but the display keeps saying LoPR. I have changed the battery twice but still LoPR does not go away.

    Also it will start with no issues out of the water but when its in the water it struggles to start. I have to play with the choke and throttle until it start. Once it starts it ride perfect. I drained the battery trying to start this past weekend and needed to buy a new battery. I afraid I am going to damage the starter buy continuously trying to start like this. The Mec that serviced it said it was the MFD that was causing the issue so i disconnected the MFD and the problem is not going away.

    This problem is there when the engine is hot and cold. Every time I try and start its a real mission.

    Please could someone point me in the right direction to sorting out my problems?

    Thanks in advance

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    The LoPR warning can be caused by an MFD that has lost its voltage calibration. It is possible to recalibrate the MFD to read voltages more accurately.

    See my signature links, MFD section, for how to recalibrate the MFD.

    Note: The LoPR warning should not affect the ability of the engine to start and run.
    UNLESS it is telling the truth, and there is a voltage loss somewhere in the electrical system.

    The red carb engine CDI ignition system needs at least 10.6 volts while cranking the engine. That is at the CDI, not just at the battery, while cranking.

    There is an LR module that powers the CDI via the Orange wire.

    As a test, hold down the Bilge button. Bilge pump should run.
    Keep holding Bilge button down and try to start engine. Does it start more easily?
    If yes, the LR module may need replacing.

    If still no good, time to investigate the electrical system. Have you inspected inside the electrical box? Any signs of water or corrosion?

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    Oops.. K447 answered as I was typing.

    Welcome to GreenHulk.
    Where are you located-someone nearby might be able to help.
    Read through this site;
    K447 put that together- there will be a section on "MFD" which is the gauge. The MFD can be reset/recalibrated to read voltage better.
    The hard starting could be a real problem that can damage the engine, I suggest fixing it before riding.

    There was an issue with the ignition CDI not "waking up" properly. Polaris issued an update/service message to change the Red with purple stripe power wire for the CDI to the Orange terminal in the electrical box. That would shut off/restart the CDI.
    Open the electrical box and see where the CDI red/pur wire is connected to.

    If it's not that issue,it will be in the carbs, which will be a little harder.

    By the way, nice find on the SLX. Let me know if you want to sell it.

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