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    Worx sponsons on FX SVHO

    Hi Guys,

    im just fitting a set of Worx sponsons to my FX, with regards to the back plate do most of you have im the upper or lower position ? im in the UK so it’s very rarely flat !


    WORX Sponsons for 2012+ FX/FX SHO, 2014+ FZR, FZS SVHO - Insert edition

    Designed not just for cutting edge performance but killer style! Same best selling Worx Racing paddle now with billet insert for 4 point adjustment...
    WR556-I $370.00

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    i got my set for the gprsho yesterday . 50% off on blowsion

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    My advice, put them in the lower position

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    Different ski, but I have them set to the second lowest position on my vxr. Big improvement in handling. I did have a slight top speed lose tho.

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    I found the backing plate in the higher position worked better and set the blade one from the lowest. I have the same boat and riding in the british ocean.

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