Iíve read multiple threads these last few days but Iím getting weird test results so I figured Iíd reach out for answers myself. Sorry if the post becomes a repeat of somebody elseís. However I am currently working on a 97 gp1200 that doesnít have spark. I already checked the kill switch and itís good. I ohmed out the pulsar coils and theyíre all in spec, but when I ohm out the charging coils my ohmmeter only says ďOLĒ even in the auto setting. So I tried to read voltage and Iím getting 38.17 v out of the blue wire, 6.9 out of the red/black, and 7.18 out of brown. Another odd thing thatís happening is my gauges donít come on at all except to type in my unlock passcode but it still turns over fine, however if I hold it WOT when I crank it over then the gauges come on. Wiring is my weakest knowledge so any help would be appreciated