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    1989 Kawasaki 650sx not picking up fuel from the tank

    hello, i have recently purchased an 89' 650 sx. it wasn't running when i bought it and i have gotten to the point where i can get it to crank over but it wont pick up fuel from the tank. i have replaced all the fuel lines, cleaned the carb, and cleaned the fuel pump. after all of this it still wont pick up the gas out of the tank. but, if i put the fuel lines in a cup full of fuel it will drink it up and the ski will start. im not sure what else i need to check. the compression isn't great the front is 105 and the back is 90. if anyone has any ideas or suggestions i would love to hear them. Thanks in advanced!

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    Did you clean the fuel selector valve? It may be plugged. Also you can remove the fuel line from the inlet of the fuel pump and blow back to the tank. you should be able to and hear the fuel bubble. if you cannot blow back, the fuel selector is probbly plugged.

    Now for the low comprssion, if the cylinders look good and no scratches, get a top end kit.

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    low engine compression = low crankcase impulse for the fuel pump to operate on.
    Fix the low engine compression and there is a good chance for your fuel problem will be fixed as well.

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