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    Help with yamaha vx cruiser 2016

    Hello to all:
    I an new to the yamaha waverunner ,and i have a VX CRUISER 2016 with the TR-1 ENGINE that i purchase on a auction to repair,the jet was involve on a crash and have some damage on the hull but are easy to repair .
    the main problem is the engine that will not start.
    i replace the battery and the engine spins,i have compression and spark ,and fuel and pressure on the line but not injection pulse.
    the information display show a check engine and a red bulb with a beeping noise,when i jump the starter solenoid (i order a new one the original was all corrode.
    I have a lanyard key.
    any of you guys know if this ski use a security key that is blocking the injectors from start ?
    can anyone let me know what else should i check

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    Is the LOCK warning appearing when you attempt to crank the engine?

    I suspect you will need a working solenoid, as the ECU may monitor the Start button push coordination with start relay activation.

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    thanks for the fast replay.
    the main display has a light on the top left part that show UNLOCK ,i have never see this bulb on.
    so i don't know if perhaps this model use a segurity key or only the regular lanyard key.
    but at least on the seadoo if the correct lanyard key is not present the display it wont show any information but i don't know int he Yamaha

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