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    Will a 2019 FX ride plate fit on a 2018?

    Just curious if anyone has knowledge of a 2019 ride plate fitting on a 2018. I was looking through the post and it looks like having the stock plate modified is the only option. I did not see anything mentioned about the 2019 though.

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    Check whether both model year ride FX plates have the same part number?

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    I looked before I posted. The number is different. I know it’s a new hull design and I know it has a new plate. I was just hoping it would work on older models.

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    There is no provision for the paddle wheel. And if the plate does fit, you'd better get Jim's cut on it. Yamaha got cheap and lazy by omitting the machined cutout on the bottom.

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    Parts numbers dont mean much...2018 GP1800 stock plate on a 2016 VRX is 1.5-2 mph faster than the stock VXR Plate ... same Part Number tho

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    I want to send the plate to Jim for mod but would rather do the 19 plate with Jim’s mod if it can work. I guess I would also have to add gps module for speedo. I’m in no rush I’m sure someone will do it one of these days.

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