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    1989 Kawasaki 650sx

    Iím new to stand ups and two stroke jetskis. I just got a 1989 Kawasaki 650sx that has been sitting for a few years. It starts up fine and runs good but it doesnít seem to want to idle for more than five seconds. Is there anything I should do to this ski because it was sitting for years? Thank you.

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    Welcome aboard, Drew!

    Does it run well when you try to ride it? The typical problem is that it will run and idle out of the water, but not run under load. The first thing would be to simply try adjusting the idle speed and mixture. You may need to pull the fuel pickups from the tank and clean the screens on them, or check the internal screen inside the carb. After that, you may be looking at overhauling the carb and/or fuel pump.

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    Yes, I did ride it for about 5 minutes, and it got on plane good. Everything seems fine I just wanted to make sure it sounded normal to someone else. Thank you.

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