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    Smile first ski decision , stx 15f ,vx

    hi all ! new here, fairly common Q however....
    im torn between many brands but possibly now a stx 15f , over the vx's or fx ho's coz of price , the fx ho's , .
    the stx 15f 's are better priced ! seem good too , but seem like they have smaller deck space , i wanna do camping with my partner and dog in open seas, to 30 kilometre away islands..........., but dont wanna spend a fortune on fuel , yet want speed and stability in open seas.... ps it seems for example a 310 lx vs stx 15f are quite similar in fuel usage ................and perhaps not as bigger difference in fuel use as its made out to be !! please help , im new first ski too

    sicerely nico

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    How big is your dog?

    I would definitely NOT recommend the Ultra 310 LX for a beginner. This is the supercharged model which requires 90 octane fuel and considerable maintenance when compared to the non-supercharged Ultra LX and STX-15F. The STX has 23 gallons of storage, while the Ultra LX has a whopping 60 gallons of storage. The STX is made for playing hard, the Ultra LX is made for cruising. Both of these models have been in production, virtually unchanged, for over a decade. They are both proven to be reliable.

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    The 15f is a great ski. If you want to look at a Yamaha option look at the vx ho cruiser or the vxr. A little more money than the 15g but better performance and a few more features. But you won’t go wrong with either choice

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    Quote Originally Posted by knicko View Post
    ... i wanna do camping with my partner and dog in open seas, to 30 kilometre away islands... ... stability in open seas....
    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. GP1800 View Post
    The 15f is a great ski. ... Yamaha option look at the vx ho cruiser or the vxr. ...
    The open ocean distance travel and wanting to pack a lot of camping gear would suggest the Kawasaki Ultra LX or new Yamaha FX HO might be better choices. More interior storage capacity and good rough water hull designs, and doing all this with a passenger and a dog.

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    Passenger, dog, camping gear..... get a boat will carry more gear further with less fuel safer...a 4m+ rib with a 60hp+ motor will fit the use nicely 30km isnít far vx with tr-1 motor great on range cruising will do 150km on a tank maybe more on flat water

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