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    Quote Originally Posted by butterbean_29512 View Post
    Just not ride without a pad on your bars. Whether stock or not. ...
    Which is possibly a reminder that the stock handlebar pad, while perhaps not 'cool' in some eyes, does indeed provide a reasonable level of impact protection. Across the entire width and surface of the handlebar assembly.

    When riding you do not get to choose how or exactly where along the handlebar your head (or chest) hits. When that suprise wave or whatever happens, it happens in an eyeblink. Boom, impact.

    You might make contact in between the pad and the hand grip, or come down in front of the narrow aftermarket pad. I have had some up close moments between face and hood, and head suddenly very near the handlebars.

    Racers often do have aftermarket handlebars. And wear helmets.

    If you expect to often be riding without helmet, think about how 'worth it' it is to remove the factory cover, versus the potential personal injury risk.

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    Love the stock GP pads! One of the better looking ones made imo! the fx cruisers on the other hand, can't say the same! Speaking of impact, I had a mate smash his nose after a jump on his 16 VX. Just a broken nose though! I imagine with bars it would have been a few missing teeth

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    If you take the pad off of the fx does it get rid of the adjustability? Seems like a good alternative to the expensive steering kits.

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