The jet pump on the Kawasaki 150 & 130 can be very difficult to remove. This tool will make quick work of it.

I made a similar version of these pullers a couple of years ago. They were more complicated and took a fair amount of time to make. I've finally had time to redesign these tools, making them simpler and cheaper to make.

The set consists of 4 pullers that slide over the ears on the pump housing. The screws are hollowed out on the ends to keep them from slipping off of the pump mounting studs.

I'm going to make several sets to loan, sell, or whatever. Right now, I'm thinking about selling a set of 4 for $50, plus shipping. If you want to rent them, there would be a $50 deposit, plus shipping. When I get the pullers back, I'll refund your deposit. If you need them, send me a PM.