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    2003 Genesis EMM, no engine start

    I have a pair of 2003 Genesis 1200 Jet Skis. One runs fine other will not start. Turns over but won't fire.

    Was told it was probably the EMM. I have a used one I found on line.

    Are these EMM's plug and go or do you need to do some programming?

    Thanks for any info.
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    Did you try swapping the EMM from the running machine into the non-starting machine?

    For testing purposes it is just fine to swap EMM between watercraft. Just keep track of what came from where. *

    The EMM is programmed to match the individual fuel injectors. Running a Ficht engine hard with mis-matched fuel injectors runs some risk of lean burn engine damage but for start testing on the trailer and even short rides on the water it is fine.

    If the swapped EMM does start your 'bad' machine, you can have the 'bad' EMM repaired.

    I would recommend repair over trying to find and buy a 'good used' Ficht EMM. Often the old EMM are on the cusp of developing problems, even if it seems ok at the time of purchase.

    A properly repaired EMM should be more reliable and you will have someone to get support from, should the need arise.

    For Ficht EMM Repairs, contact Lakeside Tech

    * The only catch is that a two cylinder Ficht engine requires a EMM from another two cylinder Ficht engine.
    Three cylinder Polaris Ficht EMM are broadly interchangeable, for testing purposes.

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    Thanks for the info. I will try that.

    If I get the EMM repaired will it be programmed the same to match the current engine? If not how do I go about getting it programmed correctly? It's hard to find anyone to look at these models. Even the place they were bought at won't help.

    Thanks again

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    you'll find all the things you need to know about this on k447's pages. find the link in his signature ( mine too)

    I'd also advise a repair. Using another emm requires reqading the scan codes on the actual injector bodies, can be troublesome if they aren't in good condition.

    again, get the existing emm repaired, only after confirming its bad by swapping with your god ski. beware of backfiring, that can damage resonators, which adds alot of aggravation to this job

    when starting out of water you have ten seconds run time max, just enough to confirm an engine start and no check engine light. don't push it. bad things happen

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    I (via Lakeside Tech) offer matching of injectors as a courtesy while an EMM is in the shop for repairs. I just need (good) pictures of the injector barcodes.

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