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    Need Help w/Aquatrax

    I picked up a 2002 F12 Aquatrax today. I need help with a couple of things:

    1. It won't power on. I charged up the battery, but when I pull out on the kill switch (power on), NOTHING happens. No buzzing noise, the dash does not light up, nothing at all happens. I've checked the fuses, they look fine. I've read about the main relay, but those posts say something about a buzzing noise.

    2. I have a hose that appears to run along/under the exhaust manifold and then makes a 90 degree turn toward the the other side crossing over the driveshaft (I guess it would cross the driveshaft. The hose just ends right before the driveshaft.). I made a quick video showing my issues. I can't figure out how to post a link, but here's the text to cut and paste. Any help is appreciated.



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    Well....the text appears to have linked itself!

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