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Thread: First Service

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    First Service

    Good morning.... I currently have a 2019 rxt with 17 hrs and according to the manual it says first service is at 50 hrs. I believe that's too long. What's your take on when to do the first service. Thanks in advance

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    What makes you think that is too long? It's a personal choice-if you feel more comfortable having it serviced sooner, then do it.

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    I'm just a newbie, I just believed I read where people were doing it much sooner. Just wanted some advice from more knowledgeable people. Thanks for your response.

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    This is how I run a jetski shop in the desert nmpeter's Avatar
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    wouldn't hurt just to suck out the old old and put some fresh in, assuming you like to burn money and ignore manufacturers directions.

    I'd leave the filter alone for now. more possible trouble if you boof changing it.

    the engine break in is protected on late model skis by the time in the ecu that prevents full power until a certain number of hours have passed

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    Thanks nmpeter and pro1200 for your response. Was just trying to get others opinion. The dealer I went to said to do it at 20 while another said wait until 50 per the manual.

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    I am a newbie on jet skis but I come from an engineering background. In my opinion, doing it much before the recommended hours is a waste of money. Sea-doo engineers know what they are doing. They do not just chuck a number which they dreamt the night before. They obviously state a recommended hourly service after research and test conducted.
    Regarding dealers be aware that some of them would like you to do more frequent services so that they earn more money and sell more stuff!!

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    IMO, you can't change the oil too frequently, but of course at some point, it becomes a waste of money.

    For my 2011 GTI, it recommends an oil change after the first 10 hours, then every 100. I change it every 50 along with the plugs.

    Don't pay the dealer to do your oil changes...they're super easy to do on your own. Just keep your receipts and make a note on them when the oil was changed and how many hours the ski had. When/if you sell it, this will give the buyer confidence you maintained the ski.

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    Great advice Xspook... I think I might just do that, was watching some videos on it and seems pretty simple. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamdownmia View Post
    Great advice Xspook... I think I might just do that, was watching some videos on it and seems pretty simple. Thanks
    I replace break in oil about 10hrs and visually inspect the filter.

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    I change oil every 10 hours but that's just me oils cheap insurance in my eyes.

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