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    What octane to use?

    I have been running 87 but have the option of running 89 or 91 octane. The only motor mods I have are EFI, D-Plate, Open Throttle Bodies, and VF3s.

    I always thought 87 was what I wanted to run because I don't have the compression bumped (stock 120-125psi) or timing.

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    If you are riding in rough water, wich most of us do. There less water is entering the pump to cool the engine. Using a higher-octane gasoline will help keep the the operating temperatures lower.

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    87 is fine for stock compression and will make the most power. You may want to consider 89 under severe conditions but for most riding 87 should do fine.

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    One of the biggest turnoff's for me with running higher compression is the need for a higher octane and it's limited availability out on the you already surmise the GPR gets pretty thirsty and it's not uncommon for me to fuel up on the water...with higher compression I would have to keep fuel jugs back at the house and make runs to and from rather than just sit out on the water and tear it up....

    I'm looking to terrorize the local Berkeley area Doo's and Kawi's this summer...perhaps I should re-think my logic...


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