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    Exclamation HELP won't start, 2 beeps, guages flash when press start, no crank

    I get two beeps for key
    Lights on cluster flash on and off when pushing start
    It cranked half a revolution the first time

    It's in the driveway
    Just washed, filled with water just above the carbonnseal
    Trying to winterize and it's damn near freezing
    Obviously need to dry something out but I am at a loss
    Please help!

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    I hear a relay click on and off at back of ski that corresponds with guages flashing

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    You verified voltage and condition of battery?

    Never jumpstart a ski with cables from different battery! Risk of frying ECU.
    Charge or replace original battery.

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    Sounds like dead battery

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    You guys rock!!!

    Had it on charge a month ago

    Voltmeter read 12.09
    Quick 15 amp blast (neg disconnected) and it would barely take 5amps 3 mis later dropped to 2,
    Managed to muster up a start though

    Go figure a 2013 original battery konks out in warm storage ...crisis averted thanks guys!

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