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    FX HO RiDE Motor Removal Steps?

    Hi is there anyone who might possibly have the instructions for removing the RiDE motor from an FX HO (2018, 2017, 2016 should all work).

    If anyone could share the service manual pages for that it would be awesome, I need to do this but am outside the U.S. and it's impossible to get a service manual.

    There look to be some specific steps to removing the exhaust bucket and other items in the way, and I would feel way better doing it all in the recommend sequence

    Even a rough summary of do's/dont's would be awesome...

    Thank you all in the GH Community!

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    Remove the nozzle and bucket, take off both ride system arms. Take off the bolts and nuts. Then inside remove the stock exhaust system and pull it. Will take you 15 - 30 min

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    This thread might help

    Quote Originally Posted by K447
    ... remove the jet pump steering nozzle assembly. Disconnect the control rod for the RiDE bucket. There is a slide clip on the rod end that when moved against a small spring tension will release the ball end. Do the same for the trim rod end.

    The steering rod has a 10mm jam nut on the bottom. Remove the nut, then unscrew the shaft from the nozzle arm.

    Slide the spring hose clamp up the tube for the bilge siphon, then wiggle the rubber tube off the nipple.

    If the 'visibility spout' short hose is still in place, disconnect it from the top of the jet pump.

    There are four bolts holding the jet pump nozzle assembly to the jet pump. And another two bolts holding the bracket above. Remove all six bolts. Take a few photos before you start and more as you go, to be sure you put everything back here it came from.

    There will be factory sealant between the nozzle and the pump stator. Find the small pry blocks at the joint/seam and carefully pry there with a flat screwdriver tool until the sealant lets go and you can extract the steering nozzle assembly. Set it aside.

    Now you can work to break the next stage of sealant grip and then slide the jet pump stator+impeller assembly out. ...

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    Hey guys, thanks for the tips, 1_Fast_Sho nailed it haha.

    everything is disconnected but now I can't seem to pop out the RiDE motor itself, either by pulling / twisting on it from the inside of the hull, or by tapping or pushing from the outside of the hull (with the lever arms are removed I can lightly tap with rubber mallet).

    Is it possible it's corroded in place to some extent?

    Or is there a sealant used here that I need to deal with or just overpower?

    Basically I'm just making sure before I start tearing on the thing with commitment!

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