Hi everyone!
(Swedish)Newbie here on the forum and soon to be new to the pwc world.
This spring im trading in my boat for a ski, since my wife doesnt enjoy beeing on the waters as much as me i spend alot of time cruising about, discovering for myself but the boat is a handfull for 1 person alone in the harbour a windy day. So i thought a pwc is the way to go.

The boatshop/dealer that will trade in my boat only sell Yamaha skis, not a problem really since i have read mostly good things about waveruners considering reliability and fuel effiency.

So i have narrowed it down to 2 skis, the, FX Cruiser HO or the VX Cruiser HO since i dont think a supercharged ski is the best option for me.

My questions to the forum is;
1. In terms of seaspray to the face, is it a big difference between the FX and VX hull? Im gonna ride mostly on big lakes but also a few trips in the baltic archipelago.

2. Is there a noticable difference in storage space? To be more specifik, the front storage?

3. When the summer peaks and sun is shining my wife probably wants to come along, are both the FX and VX fine to ride 2 persons on?

Appreciate all input!
Regards from Sweden!