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    Question Battery charging system issue - 2004 GTX SeaDoo


    I am having issue with my charging system on 2004 GTX Supercharged. About 2 years ago the dashboard was beeping with red light, it says "Low Voltage". I have done research on the web and found a solution. I have bought a brand new OEM Rectifier Voltage Regulator. That have solved my issue until last summer.

    The red light came on again, I figured the battery may be bad. I have replace the battery called MotorBatt from local store.I have use trigger charge over 5 days. I still get red light after riding about 2 hours. I have bought another brand new OEM Rectifier Voltage Regulator, but that did not help this time.

    My jet ski is perfectly good shape. This past summer I've had supercharged rebuilt and it ran awesome except the battery won't hold the charge.

    Is there any other way I can try to solve before I take to the shop for repairing?

    Thank you,

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    What's the battery voltage when the ski is running ?

    Have you checked the alternator connector near the throttle body these like to overheat.
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    Hi Cancuck,

    Thank you for quick response. I would not know how to read the voltage while running. I’d like to learn so if you don’t mind tell me how to. I have not check the connector near the throttle, but I will as soon as I take the jet ski out of my dad’s garage this spring. Thank you for your advice. I will let you know what I find. Much appreciated.


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    Get a multi meter and measure the voltage at the battery terminals before you start the machine then measure again when it's running. A fully charged battery with no load should be 12 to 13V when running it should be around 14 to 14.5V. If the voltage is not higher when running there is a problem with the charging system, alternator, regulator/rectifier or poor connection in the circuit.

    If you get the 12V low after riding for a few hours it sounds like the battery is not charging. I would check the wiring connector as mentioned previously it has three yellow wires in and out this is the alternator output to the regulator/rectifier unit that you have already replaced. A poor battery will put additional load on the alternator which causes the connector to get hot and start to fail.

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    I'd bet a lunch that it's the alternator connector. Seen that way too many times on older skis.

    btw, the connector itself and be removed. do a good job on your splice SOLDER and seal and you're good.

    the guy that has to pull the engine at some point will look, laugh and go back to the toolbox for the big wire cutters

    I've rarely serviced a pre-2006 ski that hadn't had that done already

    and as stated, a new battery is worth is weight in weekend fun.

    My suggestion is a DEKA AGM. Pricey comparatively, until you lose that perfect weekend.

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