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    250x Reliability Info (for conversion)

    Greetings All!
    I'm looking for some advice/info. I have a 2008 250x powerplant with 49 hours on the clock. I'm planning to build a mini jet boat and was considering this unit as the donor. This sounds awesome on the surface, but a good friend of mine had a pair of '07 250x's and those things were the most unreliable ski's I've ever seen. Just absolutely terrible.

    Building an engine into a mini boat is going to be a significant amount of work. So replacing a dead motor with something completely different will be an even bigger chore. This motor is sexy, for sure - and I'd love to use it. But I'm VERY leery because I have personal experience with the '07 model (complete PoS).

    Does anyone know the percentage of motors that experienced the head crack issue? Was the problem prevalent on the '08 models as well? The last thing I want to do is install a motor that is known to be unreliable and prone to converting itself into an expensive anchor.

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    Part the 250 motor and try to find a 300. 300 is a better motor and blower.

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    Yeah, pretty much what I was thinking as well. I'm not going to waste effort on it. Thanks for the input @TMiller

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