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    Is newer 2018/2019 FX HO same as VXR?

    Moving over from 2-cycle SeaDoo to 4-cycle Yamaha.
    Like to buy new waverunner early 2019 (boat show?) - my trailer is empty.

    When I asked dealer about VXR, dealer says FX HO same as VXR, save a $800.

    Thought I'd ask the forum if that was the case...

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    Definitely not the same. Similar engine maybe (others can chime in about tuning differences), but the big difference is hull and storage. Are you on a lake or ocean? I saved myself $4k by actually trying a slow and sucky regular VX Deluxe, and not opting for any of the fancy machines people regularly ride here (I mean that with all due respect!). It was plenty fast and capable for me coming from a 2003 Seadoo GTI.

    Definitely let us know what your use case is and all the knowledgeable people here can guide you in the right direction.

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    For the most part, yes they are the same. Both use the 1.8 liter High Output Marine Engine produced by Yamaha. As mentioned above, the major difference is the hull and availability of certain features (cruise assist, storage, etc.) The payoff is weight savings with a lighter hull design... If it were me and you're going new, get the FX. Both are great machines and you can't go wrong with either one! Good luck, Nick.

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    2019 FX hull is all new design. 2018 FX hull has been around for multiple years, well regarded ride and overall good.

    VXR hull was all new for 2015. Minor changes since. Much better overall handling and ride that the pre-2015 hull.

    Both new and old FX hulls are better in rough water than VXR. The 2019 FX hull early reports are quite positive.

    VXR, especially with aftermarket ride plate and intake grate can be competent in rough water but FX is more so.

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    the 2018 VX HO was same as VXR but without trim is that what dealer meant?

    fx should be considerably more (it is here)

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    I went with VXR because i wanted Trim , I ride out front mainly and i want to be able to get the front end up.

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    Only similarity is the engine the vxr is sporty and fun the fx is big and practical

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    Just view an FX HO verses a VXR hull from the aft side-by-side ... the FX's are considerably thicker (deeper), meaning they fair better over the VXR in rough conditions. Same engine, yet some accessory options are different, but the hull will influence the ride the most. If you are torn between the two, I'd focus on the type of waters you'll frequent most (i.e. intercostal/ocean -vs- small/mid lakes), do you prefer nimble or stable, then the options like trim, etc.... then price as deciding factors.

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    Thanks for reply's. I already spoke to the Yamaha dealer who will at the Boat show. He was a little surprised when I brought up the show. He also said he doesn't have show pricing yet. (The ski is for lakes)

    On black Friday the show offered 2 for 1 tickets (I got an email). I think I'll plan the deal on the 1st day and then come back the 2nd day and seal the deal. Figure out best loan, insurance, etc on after 1st day

    Thanks all till February 2019. I believe I need to change the bunk configuration on the trailer?

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