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    Question Transferring new gtx 230 from trailer to aquacart

    Hey guys, so Iím about to transfer my
    18 gtx 230 From the trailer onto the aqua cart to make some more room for the winter. My old ski was fairly easy since it was much smaller, Iím just a littke nervous since this ski has a much deeper hull and itís alot longer I feel like I mite have some trouble here so before I go ahead and pull my ski off the trailer and damage it, what are you other guys with the st3 hull doing when taking it off the trailer? I used to slide my old ski off my trailer onto the cart with 4 guys. That would prob be my plan but Iím just nervous. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Not specific to the ST3 hull, I apply Liquid Rollers spray to my trailer bunks. Makes it a LOT easier to slide the hull on the bunks, much less friction.

    Liquid Rollers is a dry silicone lubricant, NOT the wet silicone lube you typically find in hardware stores.

    Figure out where the center of gravity is for your new ski (approximately). Typically that will be somewhere within the engine length, although not necessarily the exact middle of the engine. Then position the ski on the cart so the ski center of gravity is roughly in the center of the cart.

    Once the ski is on the cart I attach straps to the cart from the bow and stern of the ski so it cannot shift on the cart as I push it around.

    I attach the rear strap as soon as the ski rear overhang is right, so the ski center of gravity is correct on the cart. Then move the cart and ski together, sliding the rest of the way off the trailer. Attach front strap as soon as the ski is clear of the trailer.

    I have posted elsewhere (GH trailer forum?) about using a rope from the rear of the ski to the rear garage wall, then driving forward slowly to transfer the ski onto the cart. More details in that other post.

    Note: I generally do NOT apply Liquid Rollers to the cart bunks, just the trailer. I did that once, made the ski way too easy to shift inadvertently on the cart, I did not like it.

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    Something else to consider is to ensure your cart can accept the new ski. The ST3 hull may have a deeper V.

    I attach my trailer to my truck and then pull the ski via the reboarding ladder onto the cart. Can do this fairly easily by myself.

    When it's time to go back onto the trailer, I just use the trailer winch.

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    a friend and i use 2 ratchet straps between the cart and trailer and just pull it back till its centered, its not really that bad of a job

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