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    Recommendations 650SL

    I am a new member and have a 94 650SL that has been sitting for about 4-5 years. I had a problem with it running and then just gave up on it until I found this site. What would you recommend that I do for it to be useable this season and then possible upgrades for next season. I have a triple outlet fuel pump and fuel selector coming. I also plan on changing out all of the fuel lines again. They were replaced four years ago. Reading these posts and seeing some of the pics has brought back alot of great/fun memory's.

    The original problem was that I had the carbs rebuilt and the guy told me to take out the "auto shutoff valve" that was on the fuel line. I took it to a lake rode it for a few mins and then I brought it down to the inlet and I could not get it started. And it has sat ever since. Thanks

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    I would do a compression check first. Then I would rebuild the carbs and replace all of the old fuel lines. If it has sat with fuel in it for that long it is probably gummed up.

    Let us know what you find.

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    Check to see if it still turns over. If it wasn't stored properly, the internals may be all rusted up. Do this before you do anything else. If the crank is rusted up, (seized) everything else you do will be worthless. Remove the sparkplugs and engine coupling cover at the back of the engine and spin the driveshaft by hand. Tell us what happens please, then we'll go from there.

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