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    2003 GP1300R oil block

    I completely rebuilt my GP1300R last year after the rear cylinder detonated on me from lack of oil. It has a new crankshaft, pistons, 1 new jug, d plate, chip, new Tygon oil lines, wave eater clips. I have good compression across all three cylinders. My problem was excessive smoking while riding. So I simply used zip ties to pinch off the oil lines, used zip ties on the oil sensor to stop the low oil warning light/alarm. Premixed at 40/1 and have not had any issues since. I simply donít trust the oil pump or lines to be reliable enough for my peace of mind. Am I wrong for not tearing into it and putting a block off plate on? I donít see whatís wrong with the sample way I chose to block the oil .

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    It's pretty easy to remove the oil pump and install a block off. You don't need to remove the engine or anything. You just have to be comfortable with removing 2 bolts by feel. When you do it. Make sure you cap off where the lines run to on the carb so they don't suck in extra air. It should be like 30$ and 45min of time. I would do it. I ran into a problem where my oil pump seized for whatever reason and it broke off the top of the bolt that held on the flywheel. That required me to remove the engine and take it to a shop to drill and re-tap the crank which is hardened steel.

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    It's easy to remove and block off (you do have to reach and go by feel).
    The way you have it, there is always pressure in the lines from the pump and if a zip lets go you have a mess. Drain the oil tank and run it dry you'll probably seize the pump and have other probs. If you stay premix, fix it right and never have to worry about it.

    When you did the rebuild did you adjust and set the oil pump? There are marks on the pump to line up with the cable in place on throttle wheel - that may have been the issue of excessive smoke. Were you fouling plugs?

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    The oil pump is probably the most reliable part on the whole ski. If you changed the lines out and used the proper clamps it is now bulletproof. The oil pump does have an adjustment on it. If it smokes excessively perhaps it isnt adjusted correctly? Running premixed promotes plug fouling. I use one set of plugs per season on my 1200r, and I ride ALOT...probably 50-60 hours per season on it. Not a single problem with my oil system. The pump is made by can it not be reliable?

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