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    2006 and 2010 impellor and housing. Will it fit? FXHO

    Hi all..
    So I am selling my 2006 FXHO and have a new impellor and housing on the shelf.
    I'm replacing the 2006 for a 2010 model which has the same part number for the housing but the impellor has a different one.

    2006 - 6B6-R1321-00-00
    2010 - 6BH-R1321-01-00

    Question is will it fit and if it did would it be worth it?

    Thanks for looking.

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    The only part that will fit both is the wear ring housing, AKA the impeller housing. The rest of the parts (impeller, vane/duct, shaft, bearings) are different and won't fit the 2010. The drive shaft on the 2010 is thicker, so the rest of the parts are different to accommodate the thicker shaft.

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